維省宣道會宣信堂 is an evangelical church that was founded on the 15th November, 1987 by  missionary Mr. Samuel Ho of the Foreign Missionary Society, the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Hong Kong.

We are a member church of the Australian C&MA and maintains a close relationship with the C&MA around the world. Although CACV was first founded as a migrant church, it has grown into an Australian Chinese church. In order to effectively encourage our youth and accomplish the task of the Great Commission in Australia, we started our English ministry in 1992. English is the main language of teaching from grade one onwards in our Children Sunday school of the Chinese ministry.

As an Australian Chinese church, while we are responsible to evangelise local people, we are also aware of the huge need of overseas students. We are delighted to have the opportunities to evangelise and shepherd them. As a member of the C&MA, we also participate in foreign missions. We have a missionary conference every year, and encourage our congregation to contribute to the Great Commission fund.


維省宣道會宣信堂是一間信仰純正的福音派教會,由香港中華宣道會海外佈道會(Foreign Missionary Society of C.C. & M.A.) 宣教士何崇謙先生於一九八七年十一月一日創立。本堂除名”宣信堂”旨在紀念宣道會的創辦人宣信博士(Dr. A.B. Simpson)



Our Faith

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and the basis for Christian living. The logo of our church is made up of four symbols, representing the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



  The Cross 十字架:
The cross stands for salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


The Laver 洗濯盆:
The laver (wash basin) is representative of sanctification, that daily cleansing from sin by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.


  The Pitcher 油瓶:
The pitcher speaks of oil for divine life and physical healing as a result of Jesus Christ’s work on the cross.


  The Crown 冠冕:
The crown symbolizes the return of our Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.